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Felix Polanski, vocalist for Pinky Polanski, said his band is participating in both the JDRF show and will be raising funds and awareness for autism in September.

“We will be playing Autapalooza to raise money for autism,” Polanski said, adding, “A lot of the folks involved have children with autism.”

Pinky Polanski will join Seasons of Insanity, Lavish Green, Sucka Punch, The Kanes, The Firebombing, Mighty Surf Lords, Mary Jane Rocket, Aversion Therapy, Trevor Lyon Band, Memory Motel, Arden Park Roots, Deep Fried Mojo, Na Na Nonchalant, Los Pistoleros, Walk Away Alpha, Demension 13, Rockin Yotes, Big Remote, Jelly Bread, Soul Sauce, Courtesy Call, Enslave The Creation, She’s So Provocative and Wrathbane in Victorian Square for Autapalooza, an annual autism event, on Sept. 10.

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