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Felix Polanski, vocalist for Pinky Polanski, said his band is participating in both the JDRF show and will be raising funds and awareness for autism in September.

“We will be playing Autapalooza to raise money for autism,” Polanski said, adding, “A lot of the folks involved have children with autism.”

Pinky Polanski will join Seasons of Insanity, Lavish Green, Sucka Punch, The Kanes, The Firebombing, Mighty Surf Lords, Mary Jane Rocket, Aversion Therapy, Trevor Lyon Band, Memory Motel, Arden Park Roots, Deep Fried Mojo, Na Na Nonchalant, Los Pistoleros, Walk Away Alpha, Demension 13, Rockin Yotes, Big Remote, Jelly Bread, Soul Sauce, Courtesy Call, Enslave The Creation, She’s So Provocative and Wrathbane in Victorian Square for Autapalooza, an annual autism event, on Sept. 10.

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Battle Born

Newest song in the Pinky Arsenal.  Hope to run it Tuesday if not Friday…:

Battle Born
We’ve been repossessed and pushed around
but we’ve never let that take us down
so here we go fighting our way again
And there’s times when it all seems for nothing
You smile to yourself and keep on trucking
Here we go here we go here we go again

We stand tall
In a world that’s never known
How free you are to rise up
when there’s no farther down to go
You don’t wait for favors
don’t wait for scorn
When you’re battle born
When you’re battle born

and there’s no one who could capture our spirit
quite like the battle born derby demons
taking it bout for bout like a battering ram
With our fists up high we make our mark
You can see our fire and you can see our Sparks
And the heat you feel is our strength coming back again

We stand tall
In a world that’s never known
How free you are to rise up
when you’re trouble is toe to toe
We don’t wait for favors
Yeah you’ve been warned
That we’re battle born
we’re battle born

Stand Tall

We’re Battle Born

Stand Tall

We’re Battle Born


Faster Stray Dogs (lyrics)

Faster Stray Dogs (lyrics)
by Pinky Polanksi

You candy coat your lies
It’s hard to see the depth inside
But lies are lies in any kind
You take away my peace of mind

You don’t really want something terrible
So who could blame you for the things you say
The stray cat knows when it’s time to go
The stray dog just stays and pays

I needed you
I needed you
But not in that way

Heroes go down with the ship
But cowards live and map the way
Maybe this times more about living
Head for harbor when the skies turn gray

And when I try to make some sense of it
We both had plenty more to say
But sometimes leaving is the sense of it
Sometimes nothing can make you stay

I needed you
I needed you
But not in that way


Counterpunch (Lyrics)

Counterpunch (lyrics) by Pinky Polanski

Shift that noise away
Focus on the time and place
Relax but keep the motivation

Don’t let it hurt your pride
Take all your pain in stride
Learn how to use your innovation

I saw you stagger nervous-ly inside your own skin
It’s like your body’s gonna snap and leave you in a tailspin

You’ll stand tall when you begin
To learn to take one on the chin
And when you know it’s justified

Fight when you think it’s time
But keep the cause in mind
Use your head before you get into the ring

You’ve got some good ideas
But don’t make a move in fear
Or you’ll get knocked down like a bowling pin

I saw you stagger nervous-ly inside your own skin
It’s like your body’s gonna snap and leave you in a tailspin
I want to reach inside you – Make you better than you were
But no-one makes his brother – Much less something more


Divider (Lyrics)

Divider (Lyrics) – by Pinky Polanski

Knowing me, I should have never touched the keys
’cause I was wasted
– I was three sheets to the wind

Like a dare I thought I had it in the bag
– I thought no-one could make me stop
– I thought they’d find me laughing

One of those moments when you know you’re going down
– You’ve done it this time
– There’s no-one out there to help you

You’ve got your hindsight but that’s seeing double too
– I looked for a way out
– No way out

Hazardous and Headstrong

There’s no time and it’s no way to play the game
– You’re gonna make them understand
– You’re gonna hit the local news now

Things are different but for you it’s all the same
– Nothing’s gonna change
– cause there’s no-one left to save

Punch the gas and take your hands off of the wheel
– Life is going by at speeds that make your head reel

Desperation takes away the safety net
– this is all you’re gonna get
– police call out eleven eighty

Hazardous and Headstrong

It’s coming – It’s coming – It’s coming tonight

Hazardous and Headstrong


Siena ool Party (notice there is no p in it)

Actually there wasn’t any water in it either.  What’s a pool party without the water?  Evidently still a pretty fucking good time.  The Siena Rooftop Punk Rock Pool Party was Thursday July 1 and is part of their Siena Sunset by the Pool shows.  There were free drinks from 6:30 – 7:30 and the crowd was in good spirits…get it…spirits…that’s booze.

We did two 45 min sets so it was a balance of our originals and some of our more aggressive covers.  We still do Pink’s “get this party started” and give her pop music a nice swift Reno kick in the balls.  Somehow I doubt she’ll notice 😉

All in all lotsa fun and we’ve been invited back so we’ll be working on ways to make the fun more fun…there’s been discussion of actually having water in the pool but also talk of a skate ramp on the roof of the Siena.  Nice right?


Harley Davidson

Hey so great fun at the Harley Davidson show on Saturday the 26th and looks like Harley raised like over $10,000 for Klothes2Kids which helps underpriveledged kids get them some clothes for school.  John evidently felt a personal connection and decided to confess how sad it is in his job when he has to watch other kids get made fun of for having crappy clothes.  John, I’ve seen your wardrobe and I’m thinking this strikes closer to home that you were willing to share.  That’s why I’ve decided to initiate my own charity called “Threads4Shredders” to help guitarists everywhere find something new to wear so they don’t have to stop spending ungodly amounts on new guitars and peddles that make your sound go “ping” or “brang” or “dududududzhouuuuu!”  There’s a special feeling we all get inside when we can see a well dressed shredder laying down some mean feedback using the latest Big Muff peddle and not worrying about whether or not he’s eating sensibly.

Oh…uh so we got another show and some corrections cause I’m a fucking git.  The ad in the Reno Tahoe Nights shows the date of our Siena Pool Party as 7/1 Saturday…The date is correct but 7/1 is a Thursday so if you need to bring that ad to work on Monday as reason why you missed work on Friday you can treat it like a note from home…”Felix said in his ad that the day after that show was a Sunday…how was I to know I had to work?!”

But go to the show cause free drinks from 6-7 is a fantastic start to a thursday evening and if you got the Stamina…after party at Shea’s around 9pm allows us all to destroy any chances we had working the next morning…or even breathing steady the next morning.

Klothes2Kids 2010

Klothes2Kids 2010

Yeah I f'd up the date...sorry

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