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CDs, Hats, Shirts and what…shots?

We’ve had stickers for a while now and I gotta admit I’d love to see these things all over town but they do get taken down pretty quick.  Bummer on that.  But hey we’re really pushing to get more and more junk (Pinky Polanski Shwag) out there for everyone to put in their closets, on their cars and heads and whatever right?

Rock out with you’re Pinky out?

Other news includes the fact that we is almost up to full length roster of songs…got the original six on the websites and then we’re nearly done tightening up another four and we’ve still got a couple in the tubes getting all warm and fuzzy and nurtured.  I’m thinking of calling one Steve…but that may be taken.

I’d also like to say that it is really hard getting on a big gig out here…promoters are all outa town thus far (save a few good fellas…goodfellas 🙂  With that in mind, I’m talking to some framily about what kind of investment and connections I need to bring some Reno love…main thing…all out of town shows would include local bands cause that’s just the right thing to do you know?  Bob from the Firebombing clued me to the fact that this little slice of heaven has its share of local band problems and he used to book back in the day (great story about the Queers in a basement show).  But I’m still wanting to try it myself and prove me wrong if that’s what it takes.  Guess that means I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is.


Hello world!

I’m thinking this will likely wind up being one way that we overextend ourselves and seriously wind up becoming digital trash floating around but hey…I’ve never been very good at impulse control.  Woohoo!

This is the band blog for Pinky Polanski or at least me Felix (‘vocal-er’ of the band).  Reno-rock-and-roll. connects you to our facebook, myspace, reverbnation…(definitely overextending ourselves).

Ok so lets put this whole “What’s your name mean?” thing to rest.  Roman Polanski (he had bad impulse control too evidently) had nothing to do with our name.  Pink Floyd also not a factor.  It’s pretty simple really.  We all met because we had the same parole officer.  Johnny was just getting out of serving two years for a dog theft ring.  He had a pretty decent gig refurbishing stolen dachshunds to look like dobermans and selling them at a hefty markup to ‘small persons’…

…is anyone buying this?

Ok so the reality is that my last name is Polanski…(and yet I’m Irish and German).  That’s a different story…just accept it.  It’s my last name.  Pinky is a lovely way of the band trying to shame me into voting on a name by implying something about my ‘junk’.  There are now denials in place but hey all I could say was…”Yeah sounds great!” I mean really…it had my name in it!  Ego wins!  (and loses, once I thought it over later).

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